RxCommercial Research International Launches its 2nd Edition of its Successful book on Commercialization of BioPharmaceutical Products in the USA

Morris Plains, New Jersey—RxCommercial Research International has announced the release of the second edition of its successful Practical Guide on commercializing pharmaceutical products in the USA.  Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies produce innovative life-saving and life-enhancing medicines for patients. The discovery, development, manufacturing, distribution, and commercialization of a biopharmaceutical product are highly complex processes and they get further compounded due to the regulatory nature of the industry. This book not only offers insights into all areas of the product value chain but also shows strategic choices that companies have to deal with at each and every stage of the commercialization process.

In the current US value-driven healthcare environment, product commercialization requires developing a compelling outcomes-driven value story and selling it to diverse stakeholder groups such as patients, providers, payers, and policy makers to ensure product adoption. The commercial success of a product is critical in maximizing a product’s potential and as well as the shareholder return. 

According to RxCommercial’s research team, anyone involved in commercialization activities in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry could greatly benefit from this guide.  This guide offers valuable frameworks that pharmaceutical and biotechnology professionals could take advantage of every day as they strive to achieve differentiated positioning for their products in this value-driven competitive healthcare environment. The first edition of this Practical Guide is being used by some of the Top 20 global biopharmaceutical companies. Significant enhancements have been made to make this guide more user-friendly.  This Practical Guide is currently available in most countries in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia via strategic partners. 

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