Organizational Design

strategyAn effective organizational design must ensure that the structure, processes, and governance are aligned. A comprehensive diagnostic is often required to assess the state of the organization and to identify potential opportunities to improve the organizational effectiveness. For example, having a high performing New Product Planning function in place is critical to developing a strong product portfolio. The success of this group is dependent on effectively connecting the science and business sides of the organization through integrated decision making. Our value chain management expertise allows us to take a strategic perspective to designing organizational structure and capabilities to ensure successful implementation of critical development and commercialization capabilities.

Process Optimization

Business processes are critical to run the organization like a well-oiled machine and to realize efficiencies. We have developed numerous best practice driven roadmaps for key processes along the BioPharma value chain some of which include portfolio management process, TPP development process, product labeling process, product valuation process, product positioning process, publication planning process, life cycle management process, etc. We customize these processes for Life Sciences clients to ensure successful integration and implementation.  

Productivity Enhancement

A successful organization must not only ensure that competencies of employees are fully aligned with the tasks that they are responsible for overseeing but also must continuously enhance their knowledge and skills.  Our comprehensive knowledge management solutions (programs and toolkits) covering key areas of the value chain are designed to make employees more productive. These programs are designed to improve the productivity of 1) employees as they undertake day-to-day tasks, 2) cross-functional product teams as they tackle complex issues, and 3) executives as they contemplate strategic choices to effectively manage the organization.